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Distribution is our main job and we do it with a lot of passion.

French market is a little bit complicated, so we propose advices and concrete actions to editors, who are looking for the best way to develop their market share and woo French readers.

First of all, we help foreign editors to understand the French Media market and to find the best way to optimize his distribution circulation through three points:

  • to gear quantities and to meet the market demand,
  • to optimize magazine's visibility,
  • to be at the right place, at the right time,

That means:

a close work on setting and regulating quantities

- to give recommendation about the cover, the  
  psychological price
- to plan the right marketing campaign (direct mail to 
  newsstands, billboards, point-of-sale promotion, 
  sales  drives, and so on
- to adapt the sales strategy and promotion to the
  magazine's results


a regular contact with editors to advise him

- to report results after a close exam,
- to analyze the sales promotion impacts,
- to propose a sales and market follow-up

Our job consists in recommending to editors what is the best for his newspapers/magazines/periodicals and to justify our choice thanks to close analysis.

a reflexion on the product, the market and anticipation





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